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This Website belongs to and is managed by HEALTH IN CODE, S.L. (hereinafter “HEALTH IN CODE”) whose complete information is as follows::

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Tax ID: B98165723
Tlf: +34 881 600 003
Fax: +34 981 167 093

The company is registered in the Mercantile Register of Valencia 9066, Volume 9066, Sheet 82, Page V134945.

1. Rights and obligations of the user

Any person using any of the services offered by this Website will automatically be considered a User of this Website. By using any of the services offered by this Website, the User explicitly, voluntarily and fully agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.

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By using the services offered by this Website, the User declares that he/she meets such requirements.

The User of this Website must fulfill these General Terms and Conditions as well as any additional instructions that may appear on our Website at any time. The User also undertakes to act in accordance with the law, with fair and proper conduct and in good faith, using procedures appropriate to the type of service provided by the Website. Thus, the User will not change or alter any of the contents of this Website, excluding the information the User may be required to enter, and will not damage the Website or its operation.

The personal information that Users may be required to enter in order to access the above-mentioned services will comply with data and healthcare protection legislation, if applicable. Said data will be recorded in databases owned by HEALTH IN CODE, covered by Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on the Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Digital Rights (“LOPDGDD”), Law 14/2007 on Biomedical Research and Basic Law 41/2002 regulating the autonomy of the patient and the rights and obligations regarding information and clinical documentation.

HEALTH IN CODE may cancel or suspend access to the Web Site if the User has breached any of the obligations set forth in these General Terms and Conditions. If the User intentionally fails to fulfill any of the previously stated obligations, he/she will be liable for any damages that may consequently be caused to HEALTH IN CODE de or a third party.

2. Responsability of Health in Code

HEALTH IN CODE reserves the right to make changes to the Website and to these General Terms and Conditions.

In addition, given the special nature of the medium chosen to communicate with Users, HEALTH IN CODE cannot assume responsibility for the:

a)Temporary inability to access the Website at a particular time, or specific information included in HEALTH IN CODE or in other Websites the User may access through hypertext links on the Website.

b)Accuracy or timeliness of the content, information and product offers and services provided.

Some of the information that appears on the Website has been simplified or written for the purpose of making it user-friendly. HEALTH IN CODE will not accept any responsibility for any misinterpretation of said information, except in the event that HEALTH IN CODE may have acted negligently when carrying out its functions as described in these General Terms and Conditions.

HEALTH IN CODE will not accept, under any circumstances, any responsibility for damages that are the result of events that were unforeseeable or not, that may result from the User’s negligent behavior.

3. Intellectual and industrial property

All contents, trademarks, designs, logos, icons, buttons, software, trade names, domain names and any other signs or elements that may be subject to intellectual and industrial property rights protection and that appear on this Website are the property of HEALTH IN CODE or of the public domain or of third parties who have duly authorized their inclusion on the Website and who appear as authors or owners of the property rights.

Under no circumstances will HEALTH IN CODE grant any license nor will it renounce, transfer, partially or totally assign said property rights, especially those allowing the exploitation, reproduction, distribution, transformation or public communication of said Content without previous express written authorization by HEALTH IN CODE (regarding the design of the Website or the use of the trade name “HEALTH IN CODE”) or by the corresponding third parties.

Violations of any of the intellectual or industrial property rights to which this section refers will be prosecuted by the criminal and civil actions included in the legislation in force.

4. Jurisdiction

Any litigation or dispute that may arise between HEALTH IN CODE and a User about the interpretation or the application of these General Terms and Conditions or directly or indirectly related to the use of the services offered by this Website, will be resolved by the Courts in A Coruña (Spain).

As a requirement prior to litigation, HEALTH IN CODE and the User agree to negotiate in good faith with the aim of resolving the litigation or dispute for a period of one (1) month as from the date on which one of the parties notifies the other in writing of its intention to potentially start litigation.

5. Communications

Any communication that is necessary between HEALTH IN CODE and the User should be sent to the address listed in HEALTH IN CODE by any of the various means of communication (registered mail or e-mail) that are listed in the Webpage’s CONTACT section.

HEALTH IN CODE will communicate with the User by contacting her/him through the contact details provided by the User when registering with the Website, or through the contact details provided in the first communication sent by the User.