Imegen-Quimera qPCR

Follow-up of chimerisms by real-time PCR in bone marrow transplant patients

25 x 2 rxn

Real-time PCR

IMG-116 qPCR

7500 FAST Real-Time PCR System (ThermoFisher)

  • Quantitative assay: it allows determining the percentage of molecular chimerism in the post-transplantation period by real-time PCR (qPCR) relative quantification of the informative marker with respect to the total amount of DNA present in the sample.
  • Detection limit: 0.01%
  • Limit of quantification: 0.1%
  • It contains a positive control that will act as a calibrator and will allow the relative quantification of the markers, without the need to use the pre-transplant recipient sample.
  • It complies with the quality requirements specified by ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 in relation to the materials used in its manufacturing process.
  • For use in research.

Real-time PCR uses a system of sequence-specific oligonucleotides and hydrolysis probes to specifically amplify targets of interest.  The quantitative analysis of chimerism implements a relative calculation system implemented by the method established by Pfafl that takes into account the efficiency of the amplification system and the “cycle threshold” (Ct) values ​​obtained for an endogenous control or calibrator, included in the kit as a positive control. From these values, the system allows the calculation of chimerism in each trial. Likewise, Imegen has developed a calculation tool to facilitate the analysis of chimerism by real-time PCR (

  • Amount of DNA needed: 50 ng
  • Sample type: DNA from peripheral blood or bone marrow
  • Number of reactions per sample: 4
  • Number of targets: 2
  • Manual work time: 30-45 min
  • qPCR program duration: 1h 15 min
  • Compatible thermal cyclers: Real-time PCR thermal cycler with the FAMTM channel
Reference Kit name Marker
IMG-116-2,IMG-116-18,IMG-116-3,IMG-116-4,IMG-116-5,IMG-116-6,IMG-116-7,IMG-116-8,IMG-116-9,IMG-116-10,IMG-116-11,IMG-116-12,IMG-116-13,IMG-116-14,IMG-116-17,IMG-116-20,IMG-116-21,IMG-116-23 Imegen-Quimera SRY,Imegen-Quimera RhD,Imegen-Quimera Q116-3I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-4I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-5I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-6I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-7I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-8I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-9I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-10I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-11I ,Imegen-Quimera Q116-12I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-4D,Imegen-Quimera Q116-5D,Imegen-Quimera Q116-10D,Imegen-Quimera Q116-20I,Imegen-Quimera Q116-12D,Imegen-Quimera Q116-23I SRY,RhD,Q116-3I,Q116-4I,Q116-5I,Q116-6I,Q116-7I,Q116-8I,Q116-9I,Q116-10I,Q116-11I ,Q116-12I,Q116-4D,Q116-5D,Q116-10D,Q116-20I,Q116-12D,Q116-23I

Imegen-Quimera qPCR

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