Imegen Neumo ViralDx Kit

Multiplex detection of the respiratory viruses SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, Influenza B and RSV and the human endogenous RNaseP using real-time rRT-PCR

96 rxn

Reverse transcription in real time


  • Qualitative multiplexed assay that allows determining the presence of 2 SARS-CoV-2 targets, including the ORF1ab and S genes (both labeled with the FAM fluorophore) and specific targets for Influenza A and B, and RSV respiratory syncytial virus. The assay makes it possible to identify the presence of SARS-Cov-2, Influenzas, RSV and the endogenous human control RNAseP through the study of multiplex rRT-PCR.
  • The endogenous human gene, RNaseP, makes it possible to evaluate the process of obtaining the respiratory sample, the quality of the sample and the nucleic acid extraction process.
  • Detection limit: Less than 50 copies per reaction for all human viruses tested (FDA Acceptance Criterion)
  • Cross reactivity: Diagnostic evaluation with human pathological samples confirms specificity of the Kit against human respiratory viruses Enterovirus, Bocavirus, Adenovirus and Entero / Rhinovirus.
  • Genomic Inclusivity: Design in sílico based on 4,115 SARS-CoV-2 (GISAID) genomes. Detection of SARS-CoV-2, Influenza and RSV viral sequences described between 2016 – 2020.
  • It complies with the quality requirements specified by ISO 13485 and ISO 14001 regarding the materials used in its manufacturing process.
  • For in vitrodiagnostic use.

Imegen® Neumo ViralDx is a real-time reverse transcription PCR test intended for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2, Influenza A, Influenza B and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) viral RNA in respiratory samples from individuals suspected of COVID -19 by your medical specialist.

  • Sample type: RNA purified from respiratory samples
  • Amount of sample required: 10 µL
  • Number of reactions per sample: 1
  • Number of targets: 6
  • Manual work time: 10 – 30 min
  • Duration of the rRT-PCR program: 1h 20 min
  • Supported platforms: 7500 FAST Real-Time PCR System (ThermoFisher Scientific), QuantStudio 5 Real-Time PCR System (ThermoFisher Scientific), CFX96 Real-Time PCR System (BioRad), AriaMx Real-Time PCR System (Agilent)

Imegen Neumo ViralDx Kit

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