Detection of W515K and W515L mutations in the MPL gene associated with Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN)

24 rxn

Real time PCR


  • Multiplex assay that allows to amplify the mutations W515L (NM_005373.2: c.1544G> T) and W515K (NM_005373.2: c.1543_1544delTGinsAA) in the MPL gene.
  • The results obtained in this test allow to confirm the diagnosis of the patient. This assay is not optimal for the study of minimal residual disease [EMR] in AML patients.
  • The detection limit has been set at 1% for each of the W515l and W515K mutations.
  • It includes an endogenous control to confirm the quality and integrity of the sample.
  • It includes a positive control that simulates a heterozygous genotype, that guarantees the functionality of the PCR systems and that aids interpretation in qualitative analysis.
  • It complies with the quality requirements specified by ISO 13845 and ISO 14001 regarding the materials used in its manufacturing process.
  • For in vitrodiagnostic use.

This assay uses a combination of oligonucleotides and fluorescent hydrolysis probes in a validated assay to detect the presence of mutations in the MPLgene at the same time as the endogenous gene, b-globin, in a genomic DNA sample..

  • Amount of DNA required: 100 ng total
  • Sample type: Peripheral blood (Germinal)
  • Number of reactions per sample: 2
  • Number of targets: 4
  • Manual work time: 30 min
  • Duration of the PCR program: 1h 10min
  • Compatible thermal cyclers: Real-time PCR thermal cycler with FAMTM and VIC® channels


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