Germany: A Key Step in the International Expansion of Health in Code

  • The leading Spanish genomics company has signed an agreement with the Institut für Rechtsmedizin (Forensic Pathology) of the University Hospital Frankfurt and DRK Blood Donation Service, which represents a key milestone in its international expansion objectives, with Germany being a priority country in the group’s strategy.
  • It is an innovative project that seeks to lay the foundations of precision medicine in Germany, offering patients the best diagnosis and subsequent treatment and support to healthcare professionals.

Health in Code, in its efforts to expand its leadership in the field of medical genetic diagnosis and increase its influence in Europe, has signed an agreement with the Institut für Rechtsmedizin (Forensic Pathology) of the University Hospital Frankfurt, located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. It is a key step to improve and promote precision medicine in this European country and, more specifically, in the field of cardiovascular genetics.

The experience and recognition of the Spanish company, which is financially supported by Alantra Private Equity, have been the differential values that led to the formation of this alliance.

Inherited heart conditions affect 1 in 200 people and are associated with an increased risk of sudden cardiac death or progression to end-stage heart failure (often requiring a heart transplant), in addition to other complications.

Using genetics, it is possible to accurately diagnose these diseases and predict the prognosis of each particular case, which allows selecting the most appropriate and timely treatment, as well as anticipating complications that can be fatal. But, most importantly, it can detect carriers of the genetic defect who are in a very early stage of the disease among family members, which is something that could not be done with other common testing methods.

“For Health in Code, this collaboration is a firm and unwavering commitment to continue growing, since we will put all our efforts into laying the foundations of precision medicine in Germany, offering patients the best treatment and support to its excellent physicians,” assures Matthew Mittino, CEO of Health in Code.

Thanks to this agreement, the German population will gain access to an excellent cardiovascular genetics interpretation service such as that of Health in Code. Se trata de un servicio único, competitivo y científico que mejorará la calidad de vida de los pacientes y sus familiares y el día a día de los profesionales sanitarios. In addition, it will open the door to future scientific research collaborations on these genetic diseases between the two countries.

For her part, Silke Kauferstein, MD, head of the Department of Molecular Genetics of Forensic Pathology at the University Hospital Frankfurt , maintains that “this alliance will bring great added value to the German healthcare system which will benefit both patients and doctors, who, through the revolutionary model that Health in Code has created, will be able to better manage very complex diseases.”

Health in Code‘s unique dynamic database contains detailed clinical and genetic information on hundreds of thousands of patients. The analysis of this information facilitates the work of health specialists when interpreting complex genetic studies and enables conclusions to be drawn with a high degree of precision.

At the same time, it adds to the body of knowledge on hereditary cardiovascular diseases, serving as a starting point for scientific hypotheses that are translated into publications of high clinical value.

The agreed alliance reinforces the scientific exchange between both countries and promotes the development of science-based therapies for genetic diseases.

Los datos recogidos en los análisis genéticos llevados a cabo por el laboratorio alemán serán transferidos y analizados en Health in Code, que se encargará de su procesamiento y la anotación informática de las variantes genéticas detectadas, clave para la posterior interpretación y elaboración conjunta del informe clínico final que el instituto alemán entrega al médico encargado del tratamiento. The specialists of both countries will be available to the physicians for a more detailed counseling.

With this endeavor, a new path for precision medicine that will improve the management of cardiovascular genetic diseases opens in Germany, thanks to the identification of their molecular causes. This will improve the creation of individual and guided therapies in this central-European country.

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