Who we are

We arise from the strategic merger of Health in Code, Imegen, and Genycell—three leading companies with ample experience and expertise in the field of medical genetics.

Our mission

We focus on people and our mission is to create a positive social impact through personalized medicine and improved clinical decision making based on genomic data, thus increasing the quality of life of people who suffer from genetic diseases and their families, and also contribute to a more efficient and sustainable health system.

Our values


At Health in Code, we are passionate and committed to leading the field of genomics, providing not only technology and services but also additional clinical value to our genetic and genomic tests, thereby creating and defining the market.

Ongoing innovation

The rapid evolution of genomic technologies poses daily challenges that we need to solve in creative and innovative ways. Our committed and talented team feels at home in this changing environment, and our success is based on our ability to develop and create the most beneficial products and services in the market.

Team spirit: better together

We believe that working together brings out the best in each one of us. By collaborating within our company, partnering with external physicians, hospitals, laboratories, and geneticists, and working closely with our patients and their families, we can benefit from our extensive experience and skills to achieve a positive impact for all stakeholders in the healthcare system, from patients to healthcare professionals, as well as for the system as a whole.

Quality and excellence

We believe that quality and excellence in management is a journey of continuous improvement and constitutes an essential asset. Our goal is to exceed standards and expectations, deliver on our commitments, and provide ongoing training to ensure our team of professionals is always up to date with the latest advances.

Who we are

Our trajectory